Original Dravidian Homeland

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat Jun 12 22:15:05 UTC 1999

Dear  Indologists  specializing  in  Dravidian  studies:

I  need  your  informed  opinions,  comments,  observations  etc.  on
the  following:

According  to  Prof. N.Subramaniam  (who  has  been  given  the  title
"Historian  of  the  Tamils"  by  Prof. R. Sathyanathaier)  says  in
book  "The  History  of  Tamilnad  to  AD  1336": "The  Dravidian
speech  was  introduced  into  South  India  by  a  group  of  people
who  migrated  from  the  original  home,  i.e. from  the  Eastern
Mediterranean  region  to  South  India.  When  exactly  this  occurred
it  is  difficult  to  say."  (p.22)

Also,  Dr. David  W. McAlpin  has  written  a  tract  entitled
"Proto-Elamo-Dravidian:  The  Evidence  and  its  Implications"
(American  Philosophical  Society,  Philadelphia:1981)  seems  to  imply
that  the  Dravidians  have  connections  outside  India.

Since,  the  "Aryan  migration"  theory  was  being  so  hotly
discussed,  I  am  curious  to  know  if,  in  the  light  of  the
above,  the  "Dravidian  migration"  theory  had  any  connections  and
implications  to  the  "Aryan"  one.

Also,  are  there  any  people  in  South  Asia  who  neither  speak  an
"Aryan"  nor  Dravidian  language?  If  so,  where  would  they  fit  in
to  all  this?  And  are  there  any  theories  on  these  people?  Are
the  Veddas  of  Ceylon  these  people?

Many  thanks  in  advance  to  all  who  respond.

Waiting  for  your  learned  responses,


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