CSX+ fonts & cross-platform email exchange

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at BIGFOOT.DE
Fri Jun 11 14:37:21 UTC 1999

> Date:          Thu, 10 Jun 1999 06:15:30 +0200
> From:          Jaap Pranger <yaap at XS4ALL.NL>

> Windows and Mac versions of the CSX+ fonts seem to have
> identical encodings, in contrast to what is usual.
> Data based on CSX+ fonts, when exchanged across platforms
> through email, gets scrambled due to the usual automagical
> MIME re-encoding.
> Any workarounds for this problem?

Perhaps you could try UUencoding? See whether the mailer software
which you use offers that option.

The surest way would probably be to send data in an archive. There
are compatible Mac and PC archivers for ZIP and LZH formats (and
perhaps other formats too), and besides reducing the size of the data
package that is sent, the archive works as a protective envelope
around the data. I used to do this regularly years back when sending
texts between a Mac in Canada (using MacLha, a Japanese program
available free of cost) and a PC in the Netherlands (using Lha.exe,
idem ditto) by modem. It should work via the internet too. Because
archives are not recognised by mailer software as documents, they are
sent as binary files, and therefore mysterious transformations like
those which you have experienced will not occur.

An alternative could be to send texts in RTF format, because RTF
files are basically plain ASCII files. But this will not be so secure
as sending archives.


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