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Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
> >What is your definition of Ancient India?
> >How many years is ancient?
> May I suggest a quantitative measure? Taking the latest, latest possible
> date for Rgveda as say 1000 BCE, let's say that the time scale we are
> interested spans 3000 years. The Khilafat movement dates to 1914, i.e. 85

Dear Vidyasankar, are you not aware of the fact that we do discuss
matters on this list which are more recent than RV?

Just today I have seen several messages concerning Auribindo and
Dayanand who, as far as I remember existed later than Ottoman empire. In
my view Ottoman empire had no less impact on the indologists than these
later personalities.

Have a peaceful and joyous day.

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