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Lar Martin Fosse Asked:

>Dear members of the net,
>do any of you happen to know when Shri Aurobindo first published his
>"The Secret of the Veda". This book has been published by Sri Aurobindo
>Ashram, Pondicherry, in 1971, but since Aurobindo died in 1950, I assume
>that the Secret of the Veda was first published before that.
>Thanks in advance!
>Lars Martin Fosse

The Seventh Impression 1993 edition Pb. ISBN 81-7058-191-5,
Bd. ISBN 81-7058-192-3 has the following information
printed on the page just before the table of contents. I quote.

"First published in the monthly review Arya between
August 1914 and January 1920."

This edition also contains the chapter  "Interpretation of the Veda"
with the editorial note that this is a letter published in 'The Hindu
(Madras) on August 27, 1914. And a chapter "The Origins of Aryan Speech"
with the editorial note: "A draft of a chapter (the only one written) on
'The Origins of Aryan Speech', found among the MSS. of Sri Aurobindo, has
been appended here."


Harry Spier

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