Is "Sanskrit" Dravidian ?

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Thu Jun 10 18:49:43 UTC 1999

> > Claiming that Sanskrit is of Dravidian origin undoubtedly creates happiness in
> > the South.
> Wonder whereever you got this idea...  makes no sense whatsoever,  more so since
> you seem to be generalizing way out of line here.

I may have been out of line. However, I have seen attempts on the Internet to prove
that Indo-European languages descend from Tamil, which of course also means that
Sanskrit must descend from Tamil, and ideas about Tamil as a kind adi-language have
been launched in the context of the Dravidian movement. But you are right, I should
not generalize, since evidently not everyone in the South shares these ideas. My

Lars Martin Fosse

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