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Lars Martin,

In this respect,  Dayananda states in his "Summary of my beliefs" (at No. 30)

"This country is called Aryavarta because it has been the abode of the Aryas
from the very dawn of Creation. It is bounded on the north by the
Himalayas, on
the south by the Vindhyachala mountains, on the west by the Attok (Indus), and
on the east by the Brahmaputra. The land included within these limits is
Aryavarta and those that have been living in it from times immemorial are also
called Aryas."

(Light on Truth: or An English Translation of the Satyarth Prakash.  Trans.
Chiranjiva Bharadwaja.  Delhi: Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, 1975,

And Yadav, in his introduction to Dayananda's autobiography, writes:

"Dayanand's next concern was to arouse national consciousness among his
To begin with, he examined the plans of his predecessors and concluded that
these men, though well-intentioned, had borrowed too heavily from the West. He
believed that no nation could build its edifice on a foreign foundation. He,
therefore, gave a clarion call to his countrymen to go back to the Vedas,
and to
lay their foundations on them.
This was, as rightly put by Aurobindo Ghosh, surely a master glance of
practical intution on Dayanand's part, for, in a real sense, the Vedas were
original source of religion, culture and civilization of India; they were the
foundations of Indian thought, philosophy and knowledge; and they
'concealed in
themselves the  seed for a radical new birth of the Indian nation.' "

(K.C. Yaday, ed.  Autobiography of Dayanand Saraswati, 2d ed..  Delhi:
1978, pp. 13-14).  This book also includes the numbered list of his beliefs.

I would also recommend:

J.T.F. Jordens. Dayananda Sarasvati: His Life and Ideas.  Delhi: OUP, 1978.



At 04:00 PM 6/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Even before Sri Aurbindo, Swami Dayanda (1824-1883)  rejected the AIT.
>Reference his writings. Early Arya Samaj authors follow the Svami's lead and
>the trend continues to this day.

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