Shells in Ayurveda, addendum re crabs

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Thu Jun 10 23:28:33 UTC 1999

Dr. Allen Thrasher wrote:
I will be looking at Watt's old publications on
economic products of India and books on Aryurvedic materia medica.

VA writes: An old Ayurvedic Materia Medica is the 'Nighantu' of Dhanvantari
(not to be confused with the Vedic Thesaurus). Refere also relevant sections
of Varahamihira's Brhatsamhita, Arhtasastra etc. For a modern publication,
following is the reference (I think it is a pertty good reference):

Thanks,  VA

Author:         Nadkarni, Krishnarao Mangeshrao, 1864-

Title:          Indian materia medica. With Ayurvedic, Unani-tibbi, Siddha,
                   allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic & home remedies.

Edition:        3d ed. rev. & enl. by A. K. Nadkarni. Foreword by Sir R. N.

Published:      Bombay, Popular Book Depot <1955?>

Description:    2 v. 22 cm.

Subjects, Library of Congress :
                 Materia medica, Vegetable.
                 Botany, Medical.
                 y of Congress :

Contributors:   Nadkarni, A. K.

Notes:          First published, 1908, under title: Indian plants and drugs.

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