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Even before Sri Aurbindo, Swami Dayanda (1824-1883)  rejected the AIT.
Reference his writings. Early Arya Samaj authors follow the Svami's lead and
the trend continues to this day.


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Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 23:30:16 +0200

 > The Library of Congress has a Centenary edition" published in 1995:
 >  95-78153: Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872-1950.  Secret of the Veda /
 > {Centenary
 >    ed.}.  Twin Lakes, WI : Lotus Light Publications, c1995.  581, {1}
 > p. ;
 >    22 cm.
 >    LC CALL NUMBER: BL1112.26 .G46 1995
 > So presumably it was first published in 1895.  According to the
 > catalog record Secret of the Veda is is a revised ed. of On the Veda,
 > for which I cannot find an earlier date in our catalog or the gigantic
 > online union catalog OCLC earlier than 1956.  I have paged the various
 > versions to see if any has an introduction that gives more
 > information.

Thank you Allen! This was very useful. Aurobindo is apparently one of the
first to reject the Aryan Invasion Theory, so this goes into my paper!

Lars Martin

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