An Iranian root brb-

George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Tue Jun 8 23:15:13 UTC 1999

Dear list,

I have become interested in finding attested forms of this root, brb- 'to
lead', proposed by Bailey in BSOAS 23, cited by Mayrhofer [KEWA 2.444].
Bailey cites a Buddhist Sogdian root BrB-, with this meaning, as well as a
Khotanese Saka form bi'ra, 'rope, cable, cord.'

I am interested in determining whether or not this may be related to the
curiously isolated RV forms:

bRba'duktha = hapax at RV 8.32.10, epithet of Indra.

bRbu'H = name of a Vedic patron [cf. his dAnastuti at RV 6.45.31-33].

bR'bUkam = another hapax, at RV 10.27.23; meaning unclear, possibly of
Munda origin [thus Kuiper].

Does anyone have any insights into this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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