Oh so Human

Tim Lighthiser timlighthiser at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jun 8 20:31:59 UTC 1999

Mr. Thompson,

With all do respect, and in the same tenor as your

You took the bait.

I rest my case.

THANKS! Being right was never so easy.

--- George Thompson <thompson at JLC.NET> wrote:

> Typical.  Another newcomer appears out of the blue
> and decides, completely
> out of context, that Harry Falk is a 'high brow',
> and "OH-SO-HUMAN."

> Tim Lighthiser, study the list archives for a few
> moments before you decide
> who is a 'high brow' and "OH-SO-HUMAN."

> You are clueless.
> GT
> At 07:19 AM 6/2/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> >I am a new comer to the list. It is kind of
> >interesting, if not surprising, to see how the
> 'high
> >brows' can become "OH-SO-HUMAN," passionately
> >emotional about something like a 'lowbrow's'
> posting
> >on a list. Things are starting calm down,
> thankfully!
> >
> >
> >

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