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birgit kellner Birgit.Kellner at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Mon Jun 7 16:23:34 UTC 1999

"Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic" wrote:
> It is very wishful thinking to assume that any one in India will be
> interested in Turkish experiment. Even the Europeans do not support the
> secularism in Turkey at the behest of Greece and did not let Turkey join
> EU even though it is a member of NATO.
I certainly do not wish to enter a discussion about EU policy on this
list, and hope that noone else does, but I nonetheless believe that it
is necessary to add a severe caveat to this statement. Suggesting that
Turkey's non-admission to the EU is somehow *caused* by Turkey's
secularism is indicative of a lack of knowledge not only of EU politics
but also, and more so, of what has happened to Turkey's secularism over
the past years (or decades).
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Birgit Kellner
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