Buddhist revival movement in India

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Balaji Hebbar wrote:

> Also,  though  Buddhism  was  born  in  India  it  is  today  found
> everywhere  in  East  Asia  except  India  (neo-Buddhists  excepted).
> Similarly,  though  Christianity  was  born  in  Israel,  it  is  today
> found  in  Europe  and  not  in  Israel.  I  presume  the  national
> religions  in  both  cases  (Hinduism  and  Judaism)  were  rather
> deep-rooted  among  the  peoples  of  India  and  Israel.  The  reform
> religions  Buddhism  and  Christianity  just  didn't  hit  home  with
> them.  Indologists  I  do  need  your  kind and  esteemed  feedback  on
> this.  (I  do  understand  that  modern  Israel  came  into  being  only
> in  1948)

He has a very interesting point in comparing India and Israel on one
hand and Buddhism and Christianity on the other.

It seems that  Buddhism was the first messianic religion founded by an
individual like Christianity and Islam. Both Judaism and Traditional
Hinduism are considered eternal (sanatan) by their adherents and neither
of them care to proselytize or convert others.  As a matter of fact both
discourage the conversion of any one else who is not born in their
traditional family and are not concerned with the decline in their
numbers as a result. It is only the later day politicians with electoral
votes in mind have become interested in Suddhi or re-conversions.

It seems that Judaism and Hinduism had appeal to some people just
because they were personal religions and all accepting. Just like there
are many secular atheists who call them Jews, there are many Hindus who
never go to any temple or worship any particular god but still call
themselves Hindus. I cannot see how any revival of Buddhism or Xtianity
will attract these people.

Have a peaceful and joyous day.

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