Q : Research on Marathas in TN

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Sorry for the mistake, I was refering to the bhatta's

bhaTTojI dIkshita, the great grammarian scholar from the north was a
disciple of appayya dIkshita. bhaTTojI's brother, rangojI bhaTTa, wrote
advaita works such as advaitacintAmaNi and attacked the dvaita school
of AnandatIrtha in his madhva-siddhAnta-bhanjanI. bhaTTojI wrote
advaitakaustubha, a dIpana on nRsimhASrama's tattvaviveka, and the
madhvamata-vidhvamsana against dvaita.
--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >Was the advaitin NagojiBhatta one amongst the
> deshasthas ?
> The grammarian NagOji Bhatta or Nagesa Bhatta, the
> author of manjUsA, as
> written some works on Patanjala Yoga. But on
> Advaitam?
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