Secular South Asia

Shrinivas Tilak shrinivast at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 3 16:30:29 UTC 1999

    As if by design, Kashmir is back on the world stage just as the crisis
in Kosovo is heading toward resolution. Conventional wisdom is that Kashmir
cannot be part of India because the majority of its population is Muslim. On
the other hand, the world expects India to be secular.
    I think the two propositions are incompatible. Kashmir is the acid test
for India's secularism. If Kashmir goes, India will cease to be a secular
    The solution to the problem lies, I believe, in making South Asia
secular--in precept and in practice. Turkey's long experience with the
secular ideal needs to be studied by all those who wish well of South Asia.
I would appreciate if members of this list can provide references to
comparative studies done in this field.
    Shrinivas Tilak

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