Historicity of The Flood

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Thu Jun 3 03:23:12 UTC 1999

Shrisha Rao <shrao at IA.NET> wrote:
>[snip] At this point, few serious scientists are willing to accept
> the historicity of the event, therefore.
> See http://www.2think.org/ssotb.shtml

The statements made in this URL about the Bible can as well apply to the
Rigveda as a source of history.

On the terms used for 'flood' in the Rigveda: there are two references, both
used in the context of barricading or releasing the waters...

arn.a (5.032.010): kha_ni tvam arn.ava_n baddhama_na_ aramn.a_h: Indra sets
open the flood-gates (kha_ni)and liberates the obstructed streams

u_rmi_ (10.030.02): a_syadhvam u_rmim adya_ suhasta_h: (priests) cast today
that flood (of Soma) into (the consecrated water).

Are there IE or Avestan cognates to these two lexemes: arn.a and u_rmi_?


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