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Vishal Agarwal <vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>E. In Samkara's Commentary on Gita 13.13 (Ref. 93)
>Sri Samkaracarya (Ref. 27, Pg. 349) says: "Accordingly here, there is a
>saying of the sampradayavids which runs as follows- "That which is devoid
>all duality is described by adhyaropa and apavada," i.e., by
>and negation, by attribution and denial." It is not certain whether these
>are indeed from the pen of Sundara Pandya and this attribution is merely a

Note that the exact sentence "adhyAropa-apavAdAbhyAm nishprapancam
prapancyate" is present in the pancIkaraNa too, without attribution.

>teaching') for Vakyakara, for Dramidacarya and for Gaudapadacarya. There is
>no proof that the former two accepted the doctrine of adhyaropa and

There is no proof that they didn't accept it either. The paingala upanishad,
which I believe is quoted by Sankara somewhere, has a quite detailed
description of adhyAropa apavAda. The sampradAyavit of this particular
reference is most probably not gauDapAda either, as adhyAropa-apavAda is not
found in his kArikAs.

>This doctrine is nevertheless harmonious with the verses attributed
>traditionally to Sundara Pandya.

Is this Sangamlal Pandey's conclusion? I'm quite uncomfortable with the
amount of surmise and conjecture that goes behind this. That Sankara quotes
sundarapANDya towards the end of the adhyAsabhAshya is no guarantee that
sundarapANDya is the author of the statement quoted in the gItAbhAshya.


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