Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Jun 1 18:22:43 UTC 1999

> I hope you (or anybody else, for that matter) did not take offence at
> my remark on "old" people. Nothing personal was intended, all the
> more as I perfectly know you "cope", having been on this list for
> some years now, and enjoyed many of your former contributions.
> I was just playing with your words to bring home the idea that,
> rather than falling back on the somewhat dispiriting role of parents
> or grandparents, we should strive to continue as children, proudly
> owning the *blame* that the ancient oriental wise men imputed to
> Solon: "O SolOn, SolOn, HellEnes aei paides este...".
> (Need it be said: I am not talking against parents or grandparents :-)

I am indeed glad to hear that! I would of course like to be a child again,
growing old is a bitch, but maybe the ancient Greeks meant that we should be
children in the spirit, even if our bodies crumble in front of the mirror. I'll
try to act upon that.

Best regards,
Lars Martin

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