Comedy of Errors

Mani Varadarajan mani at SHASTA.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Jun 1 18:19:15 UTC 1999

> Dear  Mr. Varadarajan:
> Many  thanks  to  you  for  the  honorary  membership  bestowed  on  me
> into  your  community.

Dear Mr. Hebbar,

I apologize if I offended you. I assumed you were born a
Srivaishnava based on your last name (I know other
Srivaishnavas who also keep the name "Hebbar") and meant
it in good humor.  If this is incorrect, please do not
take offense.  I meant no disrespect by including you among
the "Iyengar clan", as I myself am a Srivaishnava.

I apologize to the rest of Indology for this distraction.


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