dakSiNAmUrti stotra, and Tamil and Kashmir zaivisms

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> However, the view most accepted by scholars is that abhinavagupta
>  and his followers influenced Tamil Saivism. The reverse influence, from
>  Tamil Nadu to Kashmir, that you posit may not go very well. But the
>  preference for Sanskrit sources over Tamil ones among scholarly circles is
>  nothing new to you!

Certainly. According to K. C. Pandey, abhinavagupta quotes Pallava mahendra
varman's mattavilAsa prahasana. We have the presence of Tamil zaivites in
north India indicated by kAdambarI and harSacaritA. As I have shown earlier
Kalidasa must have interacted with a person from the Tamil country. I think
Rajatarangini also mentions the presence of a Tamil in the Kashmir king's
court. So, I do not know why there cannot be an influence from Tamilnadu to

I think the import of the colophon of kuRiJcippATTU, a CT text, that it was
composed specifically to teach an Aryan (north Indian) king the principles of
Tamil (love poetry) has not been given due attention.

S. Palaniappan

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