Mahabharata in the electronic format :

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Actually J. Smith's work is a revised version of the text Prof. M. Tokunaga
has typed in already in the mid-Nineties. His electronic text of the
Mahabharata *and* the Ramayana is available at his Kyoto server.
Since I have had the  texts for a long time, I do not have the corrrect
www.address right now. What is it?
cf. also

There was a long discussion on this, and the 'procedure' taken, some two or
three years ago.
See the Indology archives.

There also is this version, provied by Skt enthusiasts at Utah, I quote
from their 1998 msg:
"This Devanagari version of the Ramayana is based on  Prof. John Smith's
modified CSX version of the original encoding by Prof. Muneo Tokunaga of
Kyoto, Japan. These pages would not be possible without Prof. Tokunaga's
monumental effort in encoding the whole RAmAyaNa of the Baroda Critical
Edition. "

Please check it out at


At 12:23 +0530 7/27/99, Surya P. Mittal wrote:

>mention of Dr. John Smith's work.  He has put entire Mahabharata
>(BORI, Pune edition) in the electronic format.  The relevant
>address is :

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