Indian Lunar Religious Holidays

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jul 25 04:22:35 UTC 1999

Dear Indologists,

Can someone tell me if it is always the case that if the end time of a tithi
of a Hindu lunar holiday occurs after sunrise on a particular solar day that
the holiday is celebrated on that day?  I am trying to find out if there are
any exceptions?  For example if the end of the tithi of Shivaratri, Guru
Purnima or Ganesha Jayanti occured shortly after sunrise on a particular day
(with the bulk occuring in the previous solar day) would it be celebrated
that day or the previous day?  Also do Hindu temples in North America ever
adjust the timing of their celebrations to coincide with the celebrations in

Can the calendar published in "The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris" based on
the Calendar Reform Committee (1957)be taken as giving the generally
accepted dates for religious holidays.  Are there cases where the
traditional calendric practices give different results and communities that
follow these instead?

Also can someone give me the address where I can get a Panchanga for all of
year 2000.  I have been able to find several for 1999 but none already out
for 2000?

Thank you in advance,

Harry Spier

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