Dravidians and Sergent

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--- Michael Witzel <witzel at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
...I do not think many are interested in the
>following, but in view of: the recent simple, surface
>level, look-alike comparisons of Dravidian, W.African
>and Tocharian by Winters, IE and Dravidian by  Keerthi
>Kumar, Austronesian-Mon-Khmer-Munda (Austric) and
>Sanskrit by Manasala in theirweb sites (about all of
>which separately when I get time),...

I want to add one more to the comparison list:
The list of Sanskrit and Akkadian correspondences in:
Malati J Shendge, The Language of Harappans: From
Akkadian to Sanskrit, 1997, Delhi, Abhinav

The list also cites Avestan equivalents.

See for example, No. 1 (p.202): Skt. asura, a name of
a god designated as the Ultimate Reality; reference to
As'ur cult in Old Akkadian tablets before Sargon (i.e.
before 2370 BC) where the city of As's;ur is mentioned
as A-s'i_r (ki)...

Of course Shendge's thesis is that the Harappans were

In which case, was the language Avestan-related? Was 
the direction Skt.>Av.? Is it true that the Avestan yasna 
doesn't have Dravidian substrate words?


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