Blood circulation

Stephens suji at HOME.COM
Tue Jul 6 21:31:13 UTC 1999

Dear list members,

I am sorry to note that my straight forward question has elicited such
responses. Eric has implied that I had ulterior motives in posing the
question and Dominik has put it plainly that postings (which I presume
include questions) from non-scholars in the subject are not welcome.

I was of the opinion that this forum's purpose was to increase Indological
knowledge by exchange of information through discussions. A body of
which is unchallenged (challenge, in my book, could come from any quarter)
does not grow/develop. What is research worth if it can't face a few
opposing view points?

Besides, this forum has had naive questions posted every now and then by
both scholars (No one is a scholar in all topics) and non-scholars which
resulted in excellent discussions.

Hobbyists do add value to any body of knowledge. Didn't Levy, the hobbyist
play a role in the discovery of Shoemaker-Levy9? Throughout scientific
history, you
will see that many an unconventional learner has made significant
contributions. It is the fresh perspective that these people bring in that
them great discoverers/inventors. In my field (Computer Science) this has
yielded phenomenal results.

My understanding of the scope of this list has obviously been wrong.  There
will be no more posts from me to this list.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ever responded
to my questions/comments. I truly appreciate it.

Best regards,
Sujatha Stephen

Sujatha wrote:

In this context, what is Shushruta's take on the human anatomy? Since he
seems to have carried out anatomical studies on dead bodies, did he write
anything about blood circulation.

Erik Hoogcarspel  responded:


I've been lurking this list for some time and it's obvious to me that some
members abide by a very simple syllogism: if it's any good it's from India
not it's from somewhere else.
The idea behind it seems to be an uncanny feeling caused by the obvious
with the visible reality. If I would answere 'bullshit' to all these
amateuristic archeology, somebody would probably answere that bullshit is an
Indian invention, because already mentiond in the veda's.

Dominik Wujatsyk said:
However, it is true that perhaps beginners should not be posting to this
list, which assumes a university-level acquaintance with original sources.

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