Blood circulation

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Mon Jul 5 19:13:51 UTC 1999


I've been lurking this list for some time and it's obvious to me that some
members abide by a very simple syllogism: if it's any good it's from India if
not it's from somewhere else.
The idea behind it seems to be an uncanny feeling caused by the obvious paradox
with the visible reality. If I would answere 'bullshit' to all these
amateuristic archeology, somebody would probably answere that bullshit is an
Indian invention, because already mentiond in the veda's.

Op maandag, 05-jul-99 schreef Stephens:

S|> And Sanskrit sources do not contain any description of blood circulation
S|> either, so it wouldn't make any difference if Harvey had access to Arabic
S|> translations of them or not.

S| In this context, what is Shushruta's take on the human anatomy? Since he
S| seems to have carried out anatomical studies on dead bodies, did he write
S| anything about blood circulation.

S| Sujatha

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