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Hey Christian

Just a suggestion from here in Syracuse: check the Amar Chitra Katha pages -
they are they comic books, in case you don't remember, through which many
foreign born (and now even native born) Indians learn of their heritage.  I
don't remember offhand what the address is, but a simple search should do

Hope everything is going well for you in the city.  I'll be down in August;
hope to see you then.


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This topic may have run the circuit already, but I can't find it in the
Indology archives so here goes.  I'm reviewing web sites about Hinduism for
the Britannica Internet Guide online (http://www.britannica.com/).  If you
have time, please let me know of sites you think are noteworthy and ought
to be reviewed or sites you use for educational purposes.   Also, if you
know of link-sites (university sites, private sites, student group sites,
etc) that are particularly good, that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Christian Novetzke
Religion Department
Columbia University

(My apologies to those who get this on RISA too.)

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