Blood circulation

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Mon Jul 5 13:29:13 UTC 1999

Dr. Dominik wrote:
 >There no evidence that Harvey knew anything whatsoever about
 >ayurveda, although it is not impossible that he may have been
 >acquainted with some Arabic medical works.  I'm afraid I simply
 >don't know.  It seems very unlikely.  Further, the descriptions by
 >Harvey of his own experimental work establish beyond reasonable
 >doubt that he developed his ideas independently.

Because Arabic translations exist from Ayurveda and Chinese medical
texts, it is possible Harvey got the idea from them.
For example, R. Temple, The genius of China, 1986, p.123

    "Most people believe that the circulation of the blood in the
    body was discovered by William Harvey, and that it was he who
    first brought the idea to the attention of the world when he
    published his discovery in 1628. Harvey was, however, not even the
    first European to recognize the concept, and the Chinese had
    made the discovery two thousand years before."
    p.124 "the renowned scholar Isaac Vossius wrote that the Chinese
    had known of the circulation of the blood for four thousand years.
    As Needham says: `He was of course taking the legendary date
    of the Yellow Emperor. But some two thousand years would have
    been right enough.' We thus see that three hundred years ago,
    it was widely realized in Europe that the Chinese had originated
    the idea of the circulation of the blood. But since that
    time, Europeans have reverted to a state of ignorance on the
    subject and forgotten this entirely."

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