Rta, satya, dharma

K S Arjunwadkar arjunwadkar at MCMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 1 05:37:40 UTC 1999

June 30, 99

(1)  zrutir vibhinnA smRtayash ca bhinnA
>        naiko munir yasya vacaH pramANam /
>        dharmasya tattvaM nihitaM guhAyAM
>        mahAjano yena gataH sa panthAH // (Mahabharata)
I am quoting from memory, as I do not have reference books at
hand. I am going home in August; I will then search for its source.
The (view of) the Veda is different; different are also (the views of)
the law codes. There is no single sage/seer whose verdict is
acceptable (to all). The essence of sacred duty is (thus) concealed
in a cave (darkness)/is a riddle. The (right) way (of conduct) is that
which is followed by the great men.
Best wishes.

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