Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman translitera tion

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On 11 Feb 99,  Chandrasekaran, Periannan wrote:
> We have to start a movement to preserve the *cultural*
> environment just like the one for physical/biological environment
> and I would put the Chiness script at the top.
> It is the heritage of all humanity.We are killing
> too many cultural elements everyday.

Do you expect people to go back and start living on the trees like apes or
home eructus too if that is the price for preserving cultural elements?

Human beings have survived only because of their superior communication
skills and any hurdles in that would be reactionary and retrograde step.
Local dialect and language served well when people did not need to
communicate with people just a few miles away but now the entire world is
a single village and we need one language and we can depend on the few
translators who may have their own limitations. There are ample instances
where major misunderstanding have resulted due to wrong translations.
It is not without significance that home sapiens is just one species
regardless of where one lives. Therefore preservation of culture cannot be
equated with preservation of species.

I hope it gets you in the best of spirits.
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