Personal attacks on the list

Kandiah Ramanitharan rkandia at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Sun Feb 28 20:24:56 UTC 1999

I am not an indology expert, but just a silent observer in this forum for
some time.
I used to send mails in other forums in pesudonames, but not abusive.
(When Iwant to abuse someone, I wish to do the abuse in my own identity,
 as I know it hurts a lot and is in the same frequency of the person usually

However, what I was able to see in this forum is, Prof. Krishnamurti's
towards Tamil.

I do not think Dr.Dominik or any other long term subscriber in this forum
could not have a chance to realize this attitudes of these two gentlemen.

Given I am a newcomer to this forum, could anyone in this forum, point
me out an issue in which Prof. Krishnamurti and Mr. Sarma agreed that
Tamil has some characteristics that is to be appreciated.
And, could anyone point me out a mail in which these two contradict even
in a single point when it comes towards Tamil bashing (direct or indirect)?

If both of these gentlemen are all Tamil haters with identical interest,
supporting each other all the time while living states apart in India,
puleeese... enlighten me, what is wrong in four people with the same
IP addresses (or a person with four 'spilt personalities') show their interests
in the similar way?

People who try to give a definition to the 'scholarly community' should
know when it comes for the language or culture, each and everyone
who has the same interest may spontaneously come together and fall into
a group.

Whoever they are (or according to the our Honorables, he is),  I appreciate
them (or him) for what they (or he) is doing with an assumption that they
(or he)
are (is) not INITIATING personal attacks.

Some people should take a dose of their own medicine.
They may have a chance to get cured, unless it is a terminal desease.

In this forum, I can see two possible names that can be better used as the root
words for syntesizing  a word that CAN be an appropriate synonym to McCarthism
or witch-hunting.

I am totally sickened by these two gentlemen's hatred for a lauguage.
And, I still wonder and in search of.....
................................... what the real definition of Scholarly
community is.

Kandiah Ramanitharan

At 11:23 AM 2/28/99 +0500, you wrote:
>I have noticed that Venkatarama Iyer and Ganesan send postings from two
>identical IP accounts: and
>Please look into the matter. It is a rare coincidence that five different
>individuals are posting through hotmail (which is freely provided) from the
>same IP address.  This is the worst kind of fraud of the century foisted on
>the scholarly community. Another coincidence is that they are all Tamil
>lovers with identical interest, supporting each other all the time. Anybody
>can check if these five are one and same or different. If they are proved to
>be one and the same, the ghost behind this fraud must be blacklisted and all
>postings involving him/her be removed from the archives. Regards,
>Bh. Krishnamurti
>At 06:50 28/02/99 +0500, you wrote:
>>Dear list members,
>>                        The following members of the list have been posting
>>their letters from the same IP adress i.e.,
>>Christopher Fernandez
>>Swaminathan Madhuresan
>>Keith Williams
>Bhadriraju Krishnamurti
>H.No. 12-13-1233, "Bhaarati"
>Street 9, Tarnaka
>Hyderabad 500017 (A.P.), India
>E-mail:<BHK at HD1.VSNL.NET.IN>
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