Sreenivas Paruchuri sreeni at KTP.UNI-PADERBORN.DE
Sat Feb 27 19:09:08 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Williams,

This indeed is outrageous. I wish you cross-checked some standard Telugu
dictionaries, or DED, or asked someone knowledgable in Telugu, before making
those blatant accusations against Dr. Sarma, on a scholarly mailing list.
Prof. BhK already refered to _sUryarAyAndhra nighanTuvu_. This multi-vol work
running over 5000 pages costs JUST Rs. 300 ($7) and still available in any
standard book shop in Andhra Pradesh. I may request you to  to get hold of
it and check the entry "nalla", before showing your Telugu skills.


P.S. BTW, is anyone paying close attention to the mail headers,
especially the 'Originating IP address', of some posters - who use
free web based email services? Is it incidental that Mr. Williams'
message and three regular posters' messages originate from the same
m/c! Similarly Mr. Christopher Fernadez's messages and a _regular's_
messages? Just curious.

> In Telugu, "nalla" means "black/dark" and not "good". To
> Telugus, "nallamala" means "black/dark mountain" and not "good mountain".

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