A few more Bhagavad Gita obscurities.

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 27 19:04:12 UTC 1999

Avinash Sathaye wrote:

>Harry Spier wrote:
>> Snip..Snip..
>> 3) verse 15.5
>> Belvalkar reads    ...gacchantymUdA...
>> van Buitenen and all other editions at hand read ...gacchantymUdAH...
>> Misprint in Belvalkar?
>This time, I am confused about the notation. It appears that the only
>difference is the visarga at the end and my edition does have it
>any additional comments. So, it is most likely a  misprint in your
>About the transliteration convention, should it be gacchantyamUDhAH ? I
>mean should there be an "a" after the "y" and the "d" replaced by "Dh"
>conform to devnagari? Pardon my ignorance about the HK notation.

Avinash is quite right, the transliteration should read as he has
indicated above.


Harry Spier

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