Potala(ka) etc

Fri Feb 26 13:32:43 UTC 1999

A 04:59 26/02/99 PST, N.Ganesan a écrit :

>PS: Can I request Sri. Palaniappan to provide a literal translation
>so others can understand? Prof. A. Veluppillai is in Indology.
>May be he can tell us his date of CilappatikAram?

A 03:29 24/02/99 EST, S. Palaniappan avait écrit :

>In a message dated 2/24/99 1:57:30 AM Central Standard Time,
>sogbs at CC.NEWCASTLE.EDU.AU writes:
>We have a very vivid description of the deity at vEGkaTam in cilappatikAram
>vIgku nIr aruvi vEgkaTam en2n2um
>Ogku uyar malaiyattu ucci mImicai
>viri katir jnAyiRum tigkaLum viLagki
>iru marugku Ogkiya iTainilait tAn2attu
>min2n2uk kOTi uTuttu viLagku vil pUNTu
>nal niRa mEkam nin2Ratu pOla
>pakai aNagku Aziyum pAl veN cagkamum
>takai peRu tAmaraik kaiyin2 Enti
>nalam kiLar Aram mArpil pUNTu
>polam pU ATaiyin2 polintu tOn2Riya
>ceg kaN neTiyOn2 nin2Ra vaNNamum            (cil. 11.41-51)

Before we get Palaniappan's translation ...,
here is the translation
by V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar (1939, reprint 1978, p.193)

"(I also came to see) the beauty of the red-eyed Lord,
 holding in His beautiful lotus-hands the discus
 which is death to His enemies, and also the milk-white conch:
 (to see Him) wearing a garland of tender flowers on His breast,
 and draped in golden flowers; and dwelling on the topmost crest
 of the tall and lofty hill named VeenkaTam,
 with innumerable waterfalls, standing like a cloud
 in its natural hue, adorned with a rainbow
 and attired with lightning, in the midst of a place
 both sides of which are illumined by the spreading rays
 of the sun and the moon."



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