Chih Sheng (688-740 AD)

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> White and bright are absolutely different. White is a color. Brightness
> refers
>  to light energy emitted. You can have bright red, bright green etc and
>  there can be dull whites.

That is fine. As anybody knows, there can be variations in the semantic ranges
of words with similar meanings. Notwithstanding the difference between color
and brightness referred to above, the root "veL" I had cited included the
meanings "white, pure, shining, bright". Because there was an overlap with
"pANDu" in the sense of white, I gave that also for completeness so that Petr
Mares can have all the relevant information associated with the Malaya country
so that he can choose whatever word, if any, fits his Chinese word well.

S. Palaniappan

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