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> >I am curious why Malaya is being rendered here as
> >Guang1 Ming2 which ussualy stands for Sanskrit Aloka, prabhAsvara,
> >am/Su, tejas or prabhA. Anybody knows? I dont have the Taisho here but
> >does ZhiSheng says Guang1 Ming2 is translation of the word Malaya or that
> >of South India. (in either case it is not clear to me) Is there Nan2
> >tian1zhu2,  Nan2 yin4du4  or something else  for South India?
> Kanyakumari district in the deep south of Tamil Nadu, bordering on
> Kerala and the Potiyil mountains, has been known as Naancil Naadu.
> (I am sorry I don't know the latin transcription standard) since ancient
> times.

Dear Mr. Manivannan

Thank you for the reply.

What does the Naancil Naadu means? Actually the word "Nan2" in
Nan2 tien1zhu1 and Nan2 Yin4du4 above was Chinese word for
I was just curious why someone would say that name of that area
should mean GuangMing = "Bright"?

Is there anything that is called La.Nka in that area except La.Nka-
DvIpa "Ceylon"? Is this word anyhow else associated with South
India, is it known in ancient Tamil literature? I read that Vajrabodhi
before going to Ceylon, SriVijaya and finaly China made pilgrimige
to la.Nka mountain, what could that be?


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