Aiyanar - Any Buddhist connections?

Wed Feb 24 10:12:54 UTC 1999

A 14:30 23/02/99 PST, vous avez écrit :
>Dear Dr. Chevillard,
>Please check for me M. E. Adiceam, Contribution a l'etude
>d'Aiyanar=Sasta, Pondichery, 1967. Does Marguerite Adiceam
>talk any thing Buddhist in relationship to Aiyanar?
>Many thanks,
>N. Ganesan

Dear Dr Ganesan,

You are lucky that I'm having this book with me ...

I went rapidly through it
but did not find anything
inside the text
that could fullfill
your desire ...

As for the 38 photographs contained in the appendix
I am not able to comment them

Best wishes

-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)

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