Chih Sheng (688-740 AD)

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>  Yes. This is the person.  Chih Sheng talking
>  of pu-ta-lo-chia in malaya country paralleling Hsuan Tsang's
>  description is the same as zhi4 sheng1.
>  Please check for me the exact words of Chih Sheng.

I would be glad to check all, but you have to tell me in what book
and where he wrote it. There is five voluminous works of this author
in the Taisho.  Those I have seen were 3 catalogues of Buddhist
Tripitaka (very large), a work called "Collection of controversies
between Buddhist and Taoist from before and now" T2105 and work
called "Collection of writing on confession and worship from various
sutras" T1982, unless you can tell me the reference, there is no
way for me to find where is the section you mention.
>  The information I have on Chih Sheng's writing in seventh
>  century AD is from a Japanese book:
>  Daiyu Goto, Kanzeon Bosatsu no kenkyu,
>  Tokyo: Sankibo Busshorin,
>  1976, 400 p.,
>  Edition: Shutei Zoho

I am sorry I do not know Japanese.

>  It is the same statement made by Hsuan Tsang. Chih Sheng simply
>  repeats it.
He was encyclopedist as you may see from above so he probably
just rewrote the words he read without firsthand knowledge (or am I
wrong for some reason?).

I remeber I saw the doubts about the authenticity of the 10-12
fasciculis of XuanZang even in some old western works (is it not
mentioned in Watters, Max Muller's Buddhist Pilgrims or Waley's
Real Tripitaka? I do not have them here but will check when I go to
library). I also read earlier in the biography of Xuan Zang written in
665 A.D. (can be found in Taisho 2053) that he did not visit
MalayakuTa, he just heard about it, Is the Potiyil mountain in that

My question not related to Zhi Sheng is:
Does the Manimekhalai or quotations from Ilambodhiyar mentions
Malaya or is there anything about La.Nka there?
What about Silappadhikaram?


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