naa.dii (was: Paishaacika Sanskrit?)

Mon Feb 22 16:26:18 UTC 1999

At 09:28 PM 2/21/99 +0000, you wrote:
>[Dear Mr Gansten, I noticed your correspondence about Naa.dii, and
>remembered that a good friend of mine, film director and former
>Sanskritist Reina Haig, has spent some time in Madras investigating these
>traditions.  I have passed the recent INDOLOGY exchanges on to her, and
>here is her response.
>- DW]

Though Reina Haig's Experience corroborates the other peoples
observation that nADi gives good readings of the past (which
are useless) but it does not give good readings of future, I want to
relate a incident written by one of journalist friends where
future prediction was fulfilled doubly.

One person consulted a nADi astrologer. The nADi grantha was in tamil
script. It was predicted that the person will get elevated in his
profession when there is "vizAkattil pAmbu". The astrologer interpreted
it to mean that the man will be promoted when the shadow planet rAhu
(pAmbu=serpent. The form of rAhu is serpent) enters the stellar
constellation vizAkha. The man did get his promotion when this happened.
Not only that Japanese dropped bombs on Visakhapatnam in the same period.
Now in tamil the character for 'pa' and 'ba' are the same and you can read
the above phrase as "vizakattil bAmbu" and it means that the man will get
his promotion when bombs are dropped on Visakhapatnam. A strange
coincidence and I need not add any
body who experiences such a thing will become a staunch believer.



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