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Subject: Re: Advaita-Chandran

It's well accepted among Indological scholars that though the
upanishads do not present one consistent system of thought, sha.nkra's
writings are closer to what they say. At least the main ones like the
BRhadAraNyaka. Nakamura has written some penetrating analyses between
Upanishadic thoughts, early and sha.nkara VedAnta.  Similarly it is
also accepted that Ramanuja's thoughts are closer to that of the
brahma sUtra-s. Of course, there some dubious "upanishads" quoted by
AnadatIrtha aka "Madhva" which lend some support to his theories.

Would you care to elabourate on the "dubious" Upanishads quoted by
Anandatirtha. Are you saying that he did not use the mainstream Upanishads
and only used minor "dubious" ones?

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