naa.dii (was: Paishaacika Sanskrit?)

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sun Feb 21 00:48:44 UTC 1999

Mr. Gantsen:

I  knew  two  nADI  readers,  one  a  SmArta  brahmin  bank  official
in  Madras  and  a  second  also  a  SmArta  brahmin  in  Mysore  city.
The  latter  was  a  BhRgu  nADI  reader.  The  former  predicted
pretty  accurately  everything  about  the  future  of  the  members  of
my  paternal  uncle's  family.  The  Mysore  city  man  used  to
operate  out  of  a  place  called  ShArdAvilAs  Choultry  in  Mysore
some  20  years  ago.  If  you  are  interested,  I  could  get  you
the  name  and  address  of  the  man  in  Madras.  There  are  some
readers  in  my  home  town  of  UDupi  in  KarnATaka.  Let  me  know.


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