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The other
> traveler that traveled to India much earlier was Fa3 Xian3 in the
> Eastern Jin4 dynasty and he left the travelogue in one fasciculi, he
> traveled as far as Ceylon and Indonesia but did not wrote much
> about the southern area in his Gao1 Seng1 Fa3Xian3 Juan2 (Fo2
> Gu2 J4i) except the notice.
I am sorry I mistyped the word it should be (Fo2 Guo2 Ji4) - Report
about the Buddhist Kingdoms). I think there are many English
translations. It is in Taisho T2085.

Part of Yi Jing's xi1 yu4 qiu2 fa3 du4 gao1 seng1 zhuan4
 was also translated by Beal in JRAS 1881 p 558-572

YiJing's nan2 hai3 ji4 gui1 zhuan4 speaks in one passage about
the Simhala Island but otherwise mainly descibes the teachers of
India and South Seas countries (including Malaya) which I suppose
are Islands around today's Malayasia. Takakusu's work may help.
Thera are other travelogues in the Chinese Tripitaka but I do not
have the referencies handy. There are also many Chinese Buddhist
manuscripts over 1000 years old from DunHuang that were not
know before in any received version.


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