Int'l Directory of S.A. Scholars

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sat Feb 20 15:36:36 UTC 1999

            *** NEWLY UPDATED / NEW WEB LOCATION ***

The International Directory of South Asia Scholars (IDSAS) has been online for
5 years. It has just been given a shiny new web interface and has been
fully updated and expanded. It contains entries for many hundreds of
scholars of South Asian studies (including very many of you), providing
details of name, address, institutional affiliation, phone, fax, email,
web pages, and descriptions of work and sepcialized areas of interest,
all searchable through the IDSAS search engine. It is now located on
the web in a new url as part of SARAI (South Asia Resource Access on
the Internet), which is at:

*** The new DIRECT url for the IDSAS itself is:

If you have any links or bookmarks to the old address of the Directory
(or know of someone else who does), please update these to the new
location as above. Also, please visit the Directory and search your
last name to see if your entry is included and fully up to date. If
not, submit your new entry (or an updated version of your existing
one) as indicated there, by sending the requested details directly to
me. If you have not previously submitted an entry, please browse the
Directory to see the standard format of the record contents, and then
email me your information as indicated. Also, if you have the full
information for a South Asia specialist who is not on the
network or cannot submit his or her own entry, please do help us all
by submitting an entry in his or her behalf (with his or her

IDSAS has been a very popular and useful mechanism for enhancing
"human networking" in our field. Thank you for helping me keep it
up-to-date and valuable for all of us.

David Magier
South Asia Librarian
Columbia University
magier at

Editor of SARAI
(and maintainer of IDSAS)

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