naa.dii (was: Paishaacika Sanskrit?)

Martin Gansten mgansten at SBBS.SE
Sat Feb 20 09:05:36 UTC 1999

>There are practioners in Bangalore too, and one of them is reported to me to
>be an Andhra. Whether it is of Tamil _origin_ would be a different matter.

Quite. And though the term naa.dii for this type of phenomenon seems to be
restricted to South India, the phenomenon itself is present in the North as
well, in the form of Bh.rgusa.mhitaa readings.

Robert, and anyone else who may have information to contribute on this: as
I'm doing my PhD thesis on naa.dii-shaastra, I would be very grateful for
names, addresses, and other relevant data on naa.dii/Bh.rgu readers in
Bangalore or indeed anywhere else, in India or abroad. (I know there are a
few who regularly visit Europe and the US to do readings as well.)

Thanks and regards,
Martin Gansten

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