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Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:41:32 -0600
From: philip-lutgendorf at (Philip Lutgendorf)
Subject: UI fall semester study abroad program in Mysore, India


This new program (begun in fall '98) is based in the former princely
capital of Mysore on the southern Deccan Plateau, a moderate-sized city
with a delightful year-round subtropical climate and flourishing
silkweaving and sandalwood crafts industries, yet only 2 hours away from
Bangalore, India's bustling high-technology center.  Located in a former
courtly residence set in a garden, the program offers students in-depth
exposure to an ancient civilization and dynamic modern democracy, to a
"third-world" nation that is also the world's tenth biggest industrial
power.  Special features of the program include:

- no language requirement or prerequisite.  All courses are taught in
English, which is a common 2nd language throughout India.  Language
instruction (in Hindi, Kannada, or Sanskrit) is available as an elective.

- a variety of courses including civilization and literature, science
medicine and technology, and the changing status of women, with credit
fully transferable toward your UI degree.

- independent study and internship options during the final month of the

- guided tours to extraordinary historic sites (such as the imperial
ghost-capital of Vijayanagar and the exquisite temples of Belur and
Halebid) conducted by the former Director General of the Archaeological
Survey of India.

- costs kept as low as possible, with state unviersity students in mind
(1999 Program fees of $3200  include housing, tuition and excursions, plus
roughly $1500 airfare and $1000 for meals and personal expenses).

For more information, visit the Mysore Program website:

A printed brochure is also available.  Contact Philip Carls at the
University of Iowa Study Abroad Office,
(319) 335-0353, or philip-carls at

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