Buddhist classification system need

Philippe LEPLEUX phil.lepleux at WANADOO.FR
Sat Feb 20 00:06:09 UTC 1999

Dear list members,

We are on the way to open a Buddhist library within a French Buddhist
Centre. We will take care of 2 main holdings, Tibetan one & western
language one. We need to record the western holdings first but we are just
at the begining. For this we need a Classification system

Do you know if a classification system have been choosen for Buddhist or
Asian Libraries ?

I've found already a classification for tibetan holdings at Library of
Michigan University:
But it is not sure we will use it.

I'm also interesting in information about Library Science and computer
databases apply to Asian Libraries: cataloguing format (like USMARC or
UNIMARC standard), fonts used (in the same library sortware), lexicon &
thesaurus available...

If you can help me or to tell me which people I can contact to get those
information it will be very helpful.

Thank you very much
Best Regards,

Philippe LEPLEUX

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