VijnAnavAda & Dvaita

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat Feb 20 01:46:50 UTC 1999

Mr. Gantsen:

Firstly,  though  the  MAdhva  tradition  considers  the  ViShNupurANa
as  canonical,  it  lays  greater  emphasis  on  the  BhAgavata  PurANa.
In  fact,  in  the  Sri-VaiShNava  tradition  when  they  speak  of  the
"purANaratna"  they  mean  the  ViShNu  PurANa;  whereas  in  the
MAdhva-VaiShNava  tradition  when  they  speak  of  the  "purANaratna"
they  mean  the  BhAgavata  PurANa.  Madhva  has  written  a  commentary
on  the  BhAgavata  but  not  on  the  ViShNu  PurANa.  Therefore,  it
is  hard  to  answer  your  question  fully.

Secondly,  the  MAdhva  theory  of  error  is  known  as
AbhinavAnyathAkhyAti,  whereas  RAmAnuja's  is  known  as
YathArthakhyAti.  The  first  is  closer  to  the  NyAya-VaisheShika
theory  of  error  (anyathAkhyAti)  and  the  second  closer  to  the
SAnkhya-Yoga  theory  of  error  (sadasadkhyAti).  I  do  not  know  if
this  answers  your  question  at  least  somewhat.  If  you  need
clarification,  please  let  me  know.


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