Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

Christopher Fernandez chris_fernand90 at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 19 21:30:53 UTC 1999

>why are you refusing to see the point?

 Well, that is his peculiar habit. Like someone said:
 "You can wake up a person if only he is *really* asleep".

>the one script that already is used by significant numbers of people
>*all over india* is the roman script. anybody can see this plain

  Not only that. Roman script transcends linguistic and religious
  boundary markers in India. It is common to the world and india.
  Those who control 90% of resources use Roman script anyway
  in economic transactions. They educate their kids that way too.
  Only advantage in retaining Indic scripts is in the imposition
  of outdated imperialisms on nonwilling states/peoples and
  and in impeding interstate and international trade/communications.

>using roman is very simply the most efficient, also cost-efficient
>means of spreading literacy.


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