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>It is definitely more logical to expect Potala to be
>situated in a region which is a hot bed of vajrayana and abounds in
>temples for Tara and Avalokitesvara (Dhanyakataka) than in Malaya
>Mountains which do not have this tradition. This identification to
> my mind is more logical than depending upon the similarities
>between Siva and Avalokitesvara.

 In addition to Vajrabodhi, the vajrAyana teacher hailing from
Malaya country, we have a tradition of Mahayana in and around
the Malaya mountains.

 ManjusrimUlakalpa was discovered by T. Ganapati Sastri
at Manalikkara maDam near the Malaya country. This is one of
the very, very few Mahayana works to be discovered in India proper.

 A. Foucher has described an avalokitezvara that went to Gandhara
from Muulavaasam monastery. It has the inscription "dakSiNApatho

 At the village Terur, there is a huge Avalokitezvara Tara
pair discovered recently. Beautiful sculpture - Pallava-Pandya
era? Chola period? (I do not know).

 N. Ganesan

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