"Fire" cleared without cuts

U Hayavadana hayavadana at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 16 11:15:22 UTC 1999

At 21:52 14.02.99 -0600, sumedh wrote:
>On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Partha Banerjee wrote:
>> So, what was all this fiasco about?
>You tell us. You're the one who sent innumerable posts about an
>irritating little offensive homosexual film on the Indology list.

and you got so upset about that 'little film' that you aped the shiv
sena and demanded that all the roles should be renamed with muslim
names, right?

>Actually, don't tell me. Had enough of your whacko left-wing
>posts for now.

well, others have had enough of your offensive whacko
kill-those-who-aren't-like-us fascist garbage. or can't you imagine your
stuff is offensive?

>Jeez. Can we stick to Indology, please ?

what a poor loser you are, that you suddenly switch to "unpolitical"
mode when the censor board declares your game lost.


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