Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

M. Tandy mpt at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sun Feb 14 23:05:05 UTC 1999

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, [ISO-8859-1] Aditya, the ]-[indu  $kepti� wrote:
> Urdu and HIndi are essentially the same languages grammatically except
> that those who write in Urdu seem to prefer vocabulary derived from
> Persian or Arabic even if vernacular local word is available. I must admit
> that many Hindi writers have also made it a point to coin or use Sanskrit
> word in their works but they have not become popularly accepted and
> Tulsidas was not one of them.
	You're probably familiar with Enzo Turbiani's article "The
Impact of Islam on TulsIdAs's Thought abd Poetical Work," in _Bhakti in
Current Researck, 1979-1982_ (Monika Thiel-Horstmann, Ed). Turbiani
discusses TulasI's use of Persian and Arabic terms, found especially in
his KavitAvalI. Of course, TulasI employed Sanskrit too.


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