Manuscripts of T670 from Beijing Dunhuang collection - How To?

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Sat Feb 13 12:10:57 UTC 1999

Dear Colleague

I am working on the critical edition of the Lankavatara.
I have been told there is/are manuscripts of the Lankavatara in
Beijing DunHuang collections.
I am not able to find any reference to its number and interlibrary
loan is not possible even for their catalogue. It may be contained in
the DunHuang DaZang but in this country (Czech Republic) there is
no way to get close to it.
 So far I managed to obtain the Stein S6909 and S5311 from
British Library and Pelliot 2198 from Paris.

Does anybody know how to find out if there are any other
manuscripts of T670 anywhere (St. Petersburg. London, Beijing,
Shanghai, Tokyo...?

II am especially interested in Liu Song Gunabhadra translation
(T670) in Beijing DunHuang collection but even when I personaly
visited the Library in Beijing I did not manage to get any number or


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